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Fresh Towels Stacked

Are HE Washing Machines Bogus?

Save time, save money, save energy, save water and still get cleaner clothes? Convince me...  In recent years, there have been tremendous improvements in the energy efficiency and effectiveness of products that we use everyday. It's probably an important topic for you because it helps to improve the environment and it can have a really nice impact … [Read More...]

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Researchers are perfecting a window material made with this transparent solar cell

Can’t they make Solar Panels look Cooler?

We all know that solar panels are good for the environment and they do an amazing job of helping us save money on our energy bills. Despite those benefits, many people in the solar business and those who already have solar power, can’t figure out why … [Continue Reading...]

Battery Anatomy Diagram

How do Batteries Work?

Like most people, you probably use your TV's remote control, have a wall clock, or turn on a flashlight, without giving much thought as to how they work...until now. Exploring the science behind what makes your TV's remote allow you to fire through … [Continue Reading...]