Trek Transport+ : Electric Pedal Powered Cargo Hauler

With the price of a gallon of gas at or near peak levels and congestion rising on our highways, a move towards an electric bike could be a huge energy and money saving switch for many people, as well as a way towards less congested, less polluted urban areas.  Imagine being able to whiz your way through errands, to work or your next job site, while getting a boost from an electric motor assisted bike with the ability to carry a 200lb cargo load.  An interest in green living and the high price of gas has led to an increase in the popularity of electric bikes in the last few years, with models being released by the most popular bike designers.

Trek Transport+ is the ultimate pedal powered hauler!

The Transport+ by Trek is a bicycle designed to do just what its name suggests—carry more items and carry them further, while helping you get to your destination with ease. Virtually every aspect of this bike is geared towards improving both the efficiency and ease of transporting stuff, from the oversized racks for hauling wide loads to the double-legged kickstand for extra support while loading and unloading cargo. On top of this, the Trek Transport+ helps you get to your destination through the electric assist system; this system can be used as much or little as desired and can make the transition into using a bicycle for transportation more enjoyable and less exhausting.

The Trek Transport+ electric bike’s features are carefully constructed to allow for maximum ease in carrying items, making this bike perfect for commuting to and from work or job sites. More specifically, this bike is designed to hold a rider weighing up to 300lbs in addition to 200lbs of cargo in the rear rack system. In order to conveniently package this cargo in the rear, the Trek Transport+ is sold with an extra large cargo bag that can fit up to two large grocery bags, work gear or anything else your hauling. This bike can also transport up to 20lbs additional cargo in the front carrying area.

Zip around town and take your stuff with you...

Of course, the actual construction of this bicycle lives up to the same high standards that Trek uses to construction all of it’s other bikes, from the casual cruisers to the high performance racing bikes that helped Lance Armstrong win 7 consecutive Tour de France races. The time spent designing the details of the Trek Transport+ contributed to the superb quality of the entire riding system. The Trek Transport+ is sold with puncture-resistant tires to protect riders against the dangers of sharp rocks and broken glass, and the bicycle’s body itself is made from straight-gauge performance aluminum to provide optimum strength with minimal weight. In order to allow safe riding in all types of weather, the Transport+ sports a disc brake system to provide quick and reliable stopping action in a variety of conditions.

Overall, the Trek Transport+ provides riders with an ideal electric bike that can be used to move quickly around town with the ability to haul large items, conveniently. The support and carrying features allow for this transporting to be possible, while the electric assist system can be easily engaged to prevent any extra baggage from making the ride too difficult. With carrying capacities this great, using the Transport+ as an alternative to driving may be an excellent energy and money saving plan. Whether you’re a 9 to 5 office commuter, running errands or a tradesmen, the Trek Transport+ is certainly a new option to consider for getting around town, while hauling anything from groceries to tools to work supplies.

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